Life, Liberty and Guns

Have you ever thought about what would you do if you were out in a public place, a theatre, a restaurant, a ball game whatever and all of the sudden you heard gun shots. What would you do? Do you think about it?

The incident in Las Vegas certainly has gotten enough attention which of course something like this would. As much as the video has been played and re-played from this Vegas shooting….and you sit there and you watch it, over and over again. I know you do, so do I, everybody has. We've all seen it, heard at least a few times. But is that good? Is it a good thing we're getting this massacre over and over again. Having it replayed, people screaming, people in pain, people dying. This is real. It's kind of grotesque or kind of morbid when you think about it. And, this is a new phenomenon, a new thing where you can see video of events almost in real time. I know it gets old, fast in our fast changing world where today's crisis is old news tomorrow but we can't afford to get complacent.

So do we have to have our guard up? Be vigilant. Some people say that's living in fear. Do you stop going to events out of fear? Like a lot of combat veterans I do a little reconnaissance everywhere I go. What are my escape routes, what weapons of opportunity do I have available, what's the overall risk assessment and how diligent do I need to be. I'm going to share with you some of the tactics and mindset I use to keep my family save. Do you think I'm nuts? Maybe I am but I'll tell this much, once you've seen mass devastation it doesn't leave you. You never forget it.

People are asking, do we need to get rid of guns? There's a lot of people saying we need gun control. What does that mean exactly? Are you going ban bumper stocks? Do you realize how easily one could be made? People say gun control but what does that mean exactly? The funny thing about this is the people making this simplistic claims haven't thought through all the ramifications and it's these SAME people that don't have a clue about guns. They don't like guns and they just think everything about guns is bad, bad, bad. And, of course an attack like the one in Las Vegas, when 60 are killed over 500 injured brings out more anti-gun. That's just inevitable.

There's some very strong opinions about this on both sides. My concern, my problem with what I see is that there is a strong emotional reaction but very little substance being discussed. And, that includes the "there's nothing we can do to stop this". That's unacceptable. That's defeatist thinking and it's simply unacceptable. I'm going to offer some very real, very practical solutions that WILL NOT jeopardize the 2nd amendment. See I think people have a RIGHT to be safe, that right would be called LIFE, AND, AND I think people have a right to bear arms. It's both, not one or the other. I'll tell you how I think we can move closer to that.

Whether or not there should be a right to bear arms is not a new debate. it's not new at all. That's why it's the second amendment AND the ratified amendment was changed from its original draft. And the amendment has clear language "shall not be infringed". Of course there's a lot of people that have a literal interpretation of that but this too has been argued and decided by the Supreme Court. The real question is if and why we should have this right. Is it relevant today. I'll explain both sides and tell you why it is relevant and a right that must be protected. And, I'm also going to explain to you the main, basic reason WHY so many people disagree on this issue.

But the real question is and must be HOW DO WE STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING! I know you've heard it all, you're more likely to die in a car accident bla bla bla. Just because the leading cause of death is heart disease doesn't mean you ignore everything else! And, I'm going to tell you exactly what I would do and it's so simple a caveman would understand it.

So hit the play button!

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