What Do You Stand For?

53 people dead, 515 injured in the Las Vegas shooting.

Just to put the number of people in perspective, the average school classroom holds about 25 people. So 53 people is about 2 class rooms full of people.

I didn't look up the information on the people killed but presumably they were young people. And 515 injured - that's as big as a medium sized high schools entire graduating class. Huge cost in terms of death and human suffering.

And there's a dollar cost too. I'm not trying trivialize the incident and it doesn't matter because it's going to be what it's going to be. But, besides the property damage you have the medical costs. I wouldn't be surprised if that alone is in the $10 million range. Then caring for people that might now be disabled.

So here's my question? Should we ban guns? Round them all up, confiscate them and make them illegal forever?

Coming off the heels of what happened in Las Vegas it would be easy to fall into that position. The fact is the people that hate guns will now hate them more and the people that like guns will look for all the reasons why guns aren't the issue here.

It's Friday and I want to get on to some more enjoyable topics so I'm not going into this right now but I did want to show some respect for the victims and too that end I'll just say this, I'm sorry.

In response to the question about gun laws I'll just say this, now is not the time for this discussion and this incident should not be looked at in a vacuum. I didn't say it shouldn't be part of the conversation. I'm just saying it should be the only part of the discussion.

We'll get into to gun rights and gun control on another show when the timing is better. 53 people dead, 515 people injured let's let them heal.

Alright, have you ever wondered, have you ever seen or listened to something and wondered how did this idiot get on TV or the radio? That's a big part of why I started this show. People that speak, people that can deliver a message are influencers - they influence other people plain and simple. Now if you're like me, a little cynical and a lotta common sense you see through all the nonsense but most people can't do that. And that's why I'm doing this…

So hit the play button!

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