Who's Cheering For America?

A few days ago the president gave a speech on taxes. I know that's about as exciting as watching paint dry. But, I thought it was one of the best speeches he ever gave.

I thought it was one of the best speeches he ever gave because he clearly delivered a pro-American message.

Imagine that, someone actually rooting for America. And, whatever you think about the president you have to decide whether or not your pro-American. As for me, I'm standing with it. I have my grievances too! But, my grievances are with the opinions, the interpretation not the values.

So, they president made his pitch on the on the new tax plan. Taxes aren't going down and that's why I say in the short term it will be a win for democrats. They'll use it to spread more negative propaganda about Trump. I think this is part of the reason he's been baiting them recently. All I can say is watch how the democrats vote. They're going to blame Trump for anything that comes out of a new tax program but I'll bet you anything you'll see democrats vote yes. But, they're not saying that NOW. Of course not because even if you had an idea that was a win win for EVERYBODY the politicians would still have to argue about it.

Don't think fake news is just for politics. It's impacting the business world too. Or, are companies using it as a tool or weapon? We'll talk about it.

So hit the play button!

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