Lobster Disgrace

Here's some important news you'll want to know: Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) is lobbying for a new emoji to represent lobsters. King submitted a formal request Friday to the Unicode Consortium. The Uni what consortium? Is like the international pocket protector symposium? It's the group in charge of smartphone emojis. Let me guess this is funded with government money.

In his letter, Senator King stressed the economic and cultural importance of the lobster to Maine residents. Well, I don't know about any of that but they sure taste great. He should've added that to the letter. I need to stress in the economic and cultural importance of lobster and they TASTE GREAAAAAAT!

Senator King Wrote: "A new lobster emoji would fill a necessary and unique void in the current Emoji List, and, should it be added, appears destined for significant usage by lobster fans around the world." Well no kidding. The proposal was submitted just in time for National Lobster Day, which the Senate designated for Sept. 25.

Lobsters have a special day?

A new emoji would allow people who "fish, process, serve, eat, or otherwise admire the lobster can accurately express themselves in emoji form." It's a right. It's a damn right and Trump better not try and take this one away.

This has to be a joke right? He's lobbying for an emojii - a toy, a digital toy. It's not even a real toy. This is what our lawmakers are spending their time on? I thought I heard somebody say something about a war with Korea and wasn't there a bad rain storm or something, some people needed help? This is a funny or like a fillabuster or something right? Well sadly it's not a joke.

The Trump administration finally acted and issued a Jones Act waiver for Puerto Rico. You're probably asking, what the heck does that mean? But, if you know much about Puerto Rico you'll know about this giant ball of wasted red tape.

This is a rule I never understood. I don't know why Puerto Rico puts up with it. What this means is that a ship coming from China going to Florida can't unload half then sail to Puerto Rico with the other half. The whole thing has to be offloaded from the Chinese ship and reloaded on an American ship. It creates all kinds of headaches.

It's an old law from 1920 and, it's not an altogether bad law since it protects the shipping industry from being overtaken by other countries. But, Puerto Rico didn't become a state until 1958 and nobody ever gave any consideration how it would raise the price of just about everything on the island. For crying out loud - give Puerto Rico the exemption - permanently.

So hit the play button!

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