What Went Wrong

I want to take you back in history for just a minute. To 2010, just 7 years ago, the Indianapolis Colts would play the New Orleans Saints for the Super Bowl. Over 110 million people tuned in the most watched program EVER in the history of television.

And, I want to draw your attention to the very beginning. The opening ceremonies began with the military color guard marching on the field to present the flag. Once they took their post, Carrie Underwood sang the national anthem. Everyone stood and cheered. The camera panned around to various players. All of them standing and most of them with tears in their eyes. Black, white, the story was the same. As she finished the anthem a squadron of fighter jets flew over at low altitude and the CROWD ERUPTED.

I have a simple question: What changed?

But, there's an even more important question. Let's just say for a second that the constitution is flawed, the country is founded on racist values and it's just all wrong, wrong, wrong. What, do you want to replace it with?

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