Politics of Last Resort. How Lawsuits are Defining Politics

Today we're discussing:

Wells Fargo accused of unfair mortgage rate hikes. This while their settling a lawsuit for millions of fake account and unnecessary fees charged to customers.

106 year old Afghan woman faces deportation from Sweden.

U.S. oil production is at record highs now putting the U.S. as the top oil producer in the world. So why are gas prices going up.

What if there was a way to make people instantly like you. I'll tell you what I found.

The NFL must be learning from the politicians. The Cleveland Browns did a complete reversal from their pre-season kneeling for the anthem. I'll tell you what they did.

Statues are coming down across the country but who decides which ones stay. We'll talk about one that so far is staying.

New information on the Russian election interference story. I'm not sure if this is news or a bad joke.

It's been reported for a long time that there are high levels of plastic in the ocean but a new report is now saying it's in the drinking water.

The Navy is saying that lack of funding is to blame for the recent ship collisions. Is that really the case?

Lawsuits being used as a political weapon. Is it bad or is it necessary and who are the real winners.

Gas prices going up after Harvey. Free market or price gauging?

President Trump and the republicans are pushing hard for tax reform and making promises of middle class tax cuts. Is it even in the realm of realistic?

Crediting reporting bureau Equifax has had a massive data breach. Who has the information and what are they doing with it?

Hilary continues her book tour, and Bernie Sanders gives her one more slam.

Are we now a country of one political party? Some people think so and their blaming President Trump.

So hit the play button!

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