Democrat Socialism: It's Still Socialism

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

I’m amazed at how many people in this country are so willing to embrace socialist ideas. Government is the only thing where people will buy into the idea that something failing must mean we need more of it.

Did it ever dawn on you that socialist ideas are causing the problems in this country? There’s no doubt there’s a problem. People feel it. You see it in the news. There’s no hope, why?

With every problem there’s a huge number of people ready and willing to give up rights and give control to a government that’s failed and it will never succeed.

Name one time socialism has worked? It fails to take into account human nature – that’s what always leads to the collapse of socialism. People will say well if we could all just cooperate we can’t agree on anything. The problem is nobody thinks like that. People are greedy. It’s a survival mechanism. At some point you have to face reality.

We call it democratic or liberal or progressive – its none of those things. Putting the word “democratic” in front your socialism doesn’t make it any inherently more moral, nor less violent. Whatever happened to the basic values of this country that were admired?

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