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Stupid Socialists

Socialism fans are asked: Who will pay for ‘free’ housing, college? The answers are a train wreck.

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips recently hit the streets of Astoria, New York — the home turf of 28-year-old Democratic socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — to talk to her supporters.

Ocasio-Cortez — who just received the Democratic nomination in New York’s 14th Congressional District — believes government should completely fund things like housing, college, and health care for everybody. And her fans on the street were down with all of that as well, without any hedging or hesitation.

But when asked who would pay for all that “free” stuff, some weren’t so confident — and others didn’t seem to understand or care about the implications of socialist policies.

‘Some of it should come from taxes, but the government should pay for it’

And a few needed basic economics refreshers.

“Some of it should come from taxes, but the government should pay for it,” one person replied.

“But the government is funded by taxes,” Phillips pointed out.

“Yeah,” she replied.

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