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This Weeks Most Outrageous Headlines

This is the transcript of the introduction for this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

Well there’s no shortage of people of people doing stupid stuff. I don’t know if this is funny, sad, ridiculous or all 3.

On this episode of the Christopher Scott Talk Show Podcast:

  1. An ex-state Senator and gun control champion – goes to prison for weapons trafficking

  2. Forbes magazine says Yes, It Was The 'Affordable' Care Act That Increased Premiums

  3. Apple 9-1-1 calls - you'll find this funny.

  4. Maxine Waters promises reparation payments.

  5. Did you know the earth's magnetic field flips? Maybe it's causing this era of disillusion.

  6. Court orders war memorial cross to be taken down. Violates separation between church and state.

  7. Mass Death: Death rates are climbing fast.

  8. 8 advantages of having Marine veterans as friends.

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