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by Christopher Scott

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What's This Book About?

On October 1st, 2017 there was a tragic shooting at a country music concert in Las Vegas. I'm sure you heard about it.


Of course that event sparked a bunch of controversy and some people were calling for more gun control. As usual the conversation that played out in the media, was a bunch of hype, nonsense and emotionally fueled accusations.

In short, this book is about setting the record straight on mass shootings, gun control and gun rights. I want to be right upfront, this isn't a pro-gun argument or an anti-gun argument. (there's no foul language either so it's appropriate for any age)

I'm bothered by my friends who want to take away my right to own guns. But, I'm also bothered by my friends that dismiss the whole thing under the guise there's nothing we can do.

There are things that can be done and should be done. But, the conversation needs to start on the premise that the right to life, right to liberty and the right to own guns are all equal AND together. I talk about what that means.

I lay out the facts. All the facts, on both sides of the argument. Then I lay out common sense...

1. Solutions that will reduce mass shooting casualties, WITHOUT infringing on the right bear arms.

2. Solutions you can use to be safe in your home.

3. What to do if you're even involved in a shooting. It's simple and it could save your life.

I also explain why there is such a divided opinion on the issue of gun rights.

Lastly, I'm a combat veteran and I believe in the right, the necessity of gun ownership. I explain WHY we need to protect that right.

Whether you ultimately agree or disagree you'll get a valuable insight into the issue and I think you'll find it to be enjoyable listening.

Who The Heck is Christopher Scott?

I'm a father, Marine combat veteran and host of the Christopher Scott Show!

Some say I'm handsome, some say my voice is profound but EVERYONE says I'm great! (ok, I made that up)

But, my two-year old daughter told me I make sense. That's my goal. Common sense talk.

My Radio Talk Show Podcast airs daily, weekdays at 8:00 am. We'll talk about news, politics and I even provide a little daily motivation on most shows. The show is available on itunes, Blog Talk Radio, Radio FM, Stitcher and YouTube. 

I'll include the links in the email with the audiobook download.

Here's What You Get...

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Is It Really Free?

Free, as in nada, zilch, zero and NO credit card required. Sorry, no refunds ;)

Why would I give away this entire audiobook for free?

Well, see most of the big name guys, the A-list guys charge for their shows. Those of us on the B-list have to work a little harder.

So, this is actually a little bribe. I'm hoping that if you like this audiobook and fall in love with my voice (most people do), you'll come back and listen to my show. (the show's free too!)

It's my way of growing my audience and paying it forward. Either way, I hope you like it.

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