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Christophe Scott


"With Freedom Comes Responsibility"

Christopher Scott
Christopher Scott
Common Sense - Christopher Scott

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The cure for division!

by RogStar34 - Nov, 28, 2017

Every podcast on iTunes seems to be either so far right or so far left, but Christopher Scott Show is a moderate rational voice of reason in times of divsion and chaos. Thanks!

Makes you think!

by Meghann P - Apr, 24, 2018

Christopher Scott has the voice of a radio god and his musings are funny...and make you think!

Top notch

by 19george72 - Nov, 28, 2017

My favorite. Finally someone I can listen to that doesn't delve to far left or right.


Christopher Scott is an American podcaster, author, Marine combat veteran, and the voice of common sense.


The podcast has consistently ranked in iTunes Top Charts of 200 top podcasts. The show provides an interesting perspective, arguing current events and key issues with logic and reason, not liberal or conservative.

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Common Sense Thomas Paine

Common Sense by Thomas Paine is the most compelling case for freedom ever made. It's the most influential book in American History. It's not just a book for Americans but a case for humanity and it's ideas are as relevant today as ever.

There's just one problem. Published in 1776 it was written in Old English and it could very well be another language for someone trying to read it today. The original manuscript is nearly impossible to understand.

For the first time ever it's been translated into modern English so that everyone can read and understand it. It’s a book that offers nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments and commonsense. Some people won't agree with the principles, but it doesn't make them any less true today than they were when it was originally written.



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